West Jersey Table Tennis Club, Inc.

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Here is a brief history of our club.

Our club officially began in the basement of Gene Wonderlin's house in January of 1966 as "The Pennsauken Table Tennis Club" playing one night a week. As membership increased it was expanded to two nights a week. Seeing an opportunity to expand even more, we began renting evenings at the Maple Shade 25 Club in Maple Shade, NJ in March of 1967. It was at this time the name was changed to "The West Jersey Table Tennis Club". Each evening lights would be strung across the room and four tables set-up. Most evenings there was free beer left over from parties.

The next move was to the second floor above the Woolworth store at 26th and Federal streets in Camden, NJ in April 1970. For several years this was utopia. We enjoyed wooden floors, barriers between the now five tables and good lighting. The tables were set up all the time and people could play whenever they wanted. During our stay at this location, two United States Table Tennis Association (USTTA) sanctioned tournaments were held.

All good things come to an end. Due to vandalism and declining membership the club was forced to move.

In 1982 the club returned to Pennsauken to the present location where we rent the gymnasium at the Pennsauken United Methodist Church two nights a week. Each evening of play we used up to eight tables and barriers. Netting was also placed on the sides of the tables to reduce the ball travel and interference to other players. During this time Jack Born was president and Bill Camlin, treasurer.

When Jack Born passed away Norm Schmidt took over the Presidency in September 1998; Alden Head became the Treasurer at that time. Big improvements for the club included six new tables that were purchased between 2000 and 2002, the lighting replaced, and net barriers were constructed. Our club "paddle" logo was conceived in 2000.

Since 2001, the club has held round robin events for club points on the first and third Thursday of the month. Starting January 2004, the club changed to the USATT League format. See the League page for more details.

In 2002 we are again affiliated with the national table tennis association, now called United States of America Table Tennis (USATT).

In 2003 Norm and Gene retired from the officers' position and new officers took over (Robert Hodgson, Karen Ryan, Lim Ming Chui). Two Stiga tables were added for a total of eight tables.

In 2006 all the lighting was replaced to increase the lighting level 2.5 times.

In 2010 five high quality Butterfly Europa 25 tables were purchased.

In 2011 Air Conditioning was added to the gym by the club.

In 2014 The first elections of club officers were completed in May. Lim was replaced as President by R. Hodgson and John Wooten became Vice President/Secretary.

In 2016 the Stiga tables were retired and 3 more Butterfly Europa tables were purchased.

The Club officially incorporated on February 11, 2016 and is now a 501(c)3 non-profit for the benefit of the table tennis community and protection of the club’s future. Legally no one can profit from the club.

In 2020 Marius Wechsler replaced Robert Hodgson as president of the club, John Wooten became Vice President. In 2021, John Wooten resigned and Alla Lantsman was appointed Vice President.